Just sketchin’ around…

Here’s a fun sketch I just finished up. This one is titled “Fair Catch” and is 9″x12″ ink on Bristol board. I wanted to go with a very elegant, vintage, natural look with this piece. It was also nice to take a break from people telling me what to draw and simply drawing because I love it which is why I went with this career path to begin with. Sometimes drawings like this remind you why you do it.






5 Responses to “Just sketchin’ around…”

  1. I’m curious … Do you mind telling me how long it took you to execute that sketch?

    As for ‘drawing what you want to’ – most of the time it’s choosing between ‘making a living’ and ‘having fun’. One gets really lucky if both aspects come together.

    Keep up your beautiful work!

  2. Not a problem… and, thank you.

  3. Very nice (despite my incomprehension of why a lady would wear a sword and a necklace but not clothes in a forest, haha 😉 Kidding of course) 😀 I like the shading!

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