Graveside Trauma band artwork

I was recently given the okay to showcase some artwork I did late last year and earlier this year for the band, Graveside Trauma. They gave me a bit of art direction but ultimately just me me go wild with it. I did a cover treatment as well as a 3-way gatefold piece for the interior of the cd and a shirt. Here they are…

The album cover…




Here is the gatefold illustration for the interior of the cd (click to enlarge)…




This next one is the shirt design I did for them… 




And as an added bonus I thought I’d show some of the sketches I did leading up to these illustrations…






6 Responses to “Graveside Trauma band artwork”

  1. Holy shit this rules!!!!

  2. Want to press ‘Like’ 1.000 times. Sadly, doesn’t work …

  3. Awesome! That third one is especially wicked.

  4. Excellent, more breasts,
    and redheads if you’ve got em, smoke em.

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