35 Things You Probably didn’t Know About Me

1. When I was born cesarian (2′ 10 lbs.) the first words I “heard” were from the doctor who said, “Jesus Christ, look at the size of this kid!”

2. “Artist” is my second choice as a career path. My first was to play pro baseball (1st base).

3. My favorite animal is a polar bear… not a chimp (as many might imagine).

4. My favorite dreams involve flying (the power I’d wish for).

5. I still can’t believe that the ribbon on a cassette tape can sound like Metallica… or Kenny G.

6. I feel like the same person I was as when I was 6 years-old.

7. I can suspend 7 baseballs in one hand (last time I tried).

8. A really good school friend of mine coined the “N8” for me when we were in high school.

9. My first out-of-body experience was when I got 9 teeth extracted in one sitting before getting braces. I viewed my body as an inverted silhouette from 10 feet below as doctors worked on me.

10. My soccer coach was practicing with the team when I was in the 5th grade. I accidentally ran him over and broke his arm. For the rest of the season my nickname was “coach killer”.

11. I used to be able to ride a wheelie on my bike all of the way to grade school (roughly 2 miles).

12. The first time I met Lou Ferrigno (The 80’s Hulk) I asked him what time it was (well-knowing that he’s deaf) and I regret it to this day.

13. I have zero aim when it comes to throwing a frisbee.

14. When I was 14 my Dad saw me dunk a basketball for the first time on his 52nd birthday during half-time at my brother’s basketball game. He was the only one who cheered.

15. I always spell “restraunt” wrong.16.

16 is the age at which I stopped growing (6’9″).

17. 17 is my favorite number as well as my shoe size (my Mom cried in the shoe store when she discovered that that was my size).

18. My bare foot is… a foot.

19. My high school ran out of classes for me to take so I started taking community college art classes when I was a Senior. The instructor allowed me to do whatever I wanted.

20. When I was 20 years-old I was on the set of the movie True Crimes as an extra and Ashley Judd gave me a double-take when she arrived on set with her two toy dogs en route to her trailer.

21. I dreamt about John Denver dying the night before he passed away.

22. I’ve always disliked the number 22.

23. I immediately tuck my thumbs into my closed fists whenever I see a rat on the street. Those are the only circumstances in which I’ve ever done that.
24. I don’t fit in an ambulance. During my one and only ride the paramedic asked me to cross my legs so that he could close the doors.
25. I’m starting to wonder if I’m the only straight guy that doesn’t find Gisele Bundchen the least bit attractive.
26. I was supposed to be an extra in a scene with Matthew McConaughey for the film, The Wedding Planner, but when they found out my height the casting crew told me that I would “take the spotlight away from him”.
27. When I was at a zoo in LA a silverback gorilla threw grass directly at me for drawing him and I still have the mud stain from it in my sketchbook.
28. I have a real human skull which I draw from (best gift I’ve ever received) and his chosen name is “Sam”.
29. My favorite movie is Falling Down and as I was purchasing it in LA the lady at the cash register asked me how my day was going. I replied… “Okay… so far.” She didn’t get it…
30. I got the opportunity to speak on the phone to my “Art God”, Frank Frazetta, but I never got to meet him. Upon hearing of his death I immediately puked.
31. Linda Carter (my first crush) flirted with me amongst a large group of spectators.
32. As a kid I startled Charles Barkley at a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe after he bumped  into me… turned around… and looked up.
33. My “last supper” would be my deceased Mother’s Hungarian goulash.
34. You are reading this because my Dad didn’t think a woman could get pregnant while breastfeeding.
35. I turn 35 on the 35th day of the year.

6 Responses to “35 Things You Probably didn’t Know About Me”

  1. Brian Hansen Says:

    That was cool to read. Thanks for sharing…chilled with Dempsey recently and he’s pumped for the piece you’re hooking him up with. I’m looking forward to seeing it too. Laters!

    Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2014 06:24:41 +0000 To: bhans1379@hotmail.com

    • Glad you liked it. It was a lot of fun to do something different like this and to put it all together. The piece for Dempsey should be a good one. I’m sure you guys will dig it.

  2. Happy birthday! I’ve known you a long time, sonny…. But learned some new stuff from this list…. fun to read!

  3. Hi, first of all, happy birthday! It’s a little late, but better late than never.

    I really like your draws. Could you tell me what kind of brush do you use on beards and hairs, please?

    Greetings from Portugal!

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