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Did a fun, little piece for the occasion… “Frank ‘N Stein”. 8″x10″ Mixed media.



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Not every gig goes the way you might hope. That’s life. Recently, I was asked by PBR to take a stab at redesigning their 16 ounce can and I jumped at it. I figured this would be a marriage for the ages… Me… Dutch… and Beer! It was meant to be, right? Well, not in this case. Here’s a look at my design which did not get picked…


Random illustrations and doodles

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I figured it’s time to make a post of some of the random things I’ve drawn as of late. Here’s a collection of a couple of commissions and some other odd drawings I’ve done here and there. These are usually my favorite posts as they are just a melting pot of pretty pictures so let’s get the show on the road…


This one is a really rare breed of Gorilla. It’s called a “Silverback Gofukyurslef”. 9″x12″ ink on Bristol…






A sloth taking way too long to drink a beer. Baaaad Mr. Sloth! 9″x12″ ink on Bristol…



Ever lick a frog before and see imaginary sh!t? Me neither. 9″x12″ ink on Bristol…



For this piece I asked my Facebook followers which animal I should draw and a “frog” was suggested a couple of times among the 70 or so suggestions so I went with that and doodled this up in my sketchbook. “FLY-TINI”.




This one is a study of Alfred the Great who was King of Wessex from 871 AD – 899 AD. 9″x12″ ink on Bristol…




Next up are a couple of commissions. This first one is a living/dead version of the comic book character, Galactus, gripping planet Earth as if he is about to consume it. I figured I’d show the pencil sketch of it followed by the final inks. 11″x14″ ink on Bristol…





Last up is an 8″x10″ commission I did for someone who’s 1 year-old nephew goes everywhere with of all things… his toothbrush. This one is titled “Security Toothbrush”.















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