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Not every gig goes the way you might hope. That’s life. Recently, I was asked by PBR to take a stab at redesigning their 16 ounce can and I jumped at it. I figured this would be a marriage for the ages… Me… Dutch… and Beer! It was meant to be, right? Well, not in this case. Here’s a look at my design which did not get picked…



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I put up an art sale today. A lot of good stuff has moved but there are still plenty of steals to be had…



Dr. Jane Goodall

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Today marks Dr. Jane Goodall’s 80th birthday. It’d be rude of me not to acknowledge her and all the work she has done for chimps. I wish we could clone people like her.IMG_20140403_125902


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I get asked quite often as to when I’ll have a new drawing video out and that time is… NOW! Watch me draw a Dutch piece that I did for my new gallery show opening Friday, Dec. 13th at HoodLAB Gallery here in San Francisco. That would be… tonight, from 6-10pm. Bring the whole crew… even Gramps!

Gallery opening Friday December 13th in SF!!!

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Sorry for the late notice on this one but I’ve had some technical difficulties with my computer. In any event… I’m making Friday the 13th all the cooler with a gallery opening! The opening will be at HoodLAB Gallery in SF from 6-10 pm and I’ll be in attendance. I’ve been pushing all other work aside for a good while to focus on this show and I think it was time well spent. Come by and have a drink with me!


The Evolution of a Color Piece

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I decided with this mixed media piece that I’d take some evolution scans of it since people are always curious about how I go about an illustration like this. Enjoy the show…

Here’s the first stage… thumbnails until I find something I like…




Next up are the pencils after deciding on the sketch I like. This is being done in a 8″x10″ Moleskine sketchbook…








Here we have an ink/marker wash to lay down the foundation colors…




After that I lay in some quick inks and muddy up the colors a bit more…




Now for the fun part… finishing it. For the paint-over I use acrylic, gouache, color pencil, spray paint and paint pens…


Outside Lands mural

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I had a lot of fun getting messy last Friday while painting a live mural at Outside Lands. I got to collaborate with my buddy, Sam Flores, for our third year in a row at this music festival. The final mural size is 8’x20′. A big thanks to all who came out and said hey. I had a great time seeing some familiar faces and meeting new ones.

Portrait photo by Jeben Berg.



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