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ART SALE 2011!!!

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I finally got it all together and running… I think:) It’s a little later than I had hoped to post it but I had to make sure it was all polished and ready. Feel free to pass it around. Just follow this link…

Thanks, everyone! Hope you find something you like.

There’s a new toy in town… well, almost.

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Here we are with another update. I just figured I’d help leak the word that I have a new chimp toy in the works! This one has been a long time coming. There were a lot of hang-ups in it’s production but it’s coming together and looking great. I’m currently doing a bunch of artwork for the box and figured I might as well tease you with a shot of the toy and the turn-arounds I did for the sculptor. I’ll keep you guys updated on this one in future posts. Until then… enjoy an early look.



Toy signing in San Francisco

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Thanks to all of you who came out to my signing in San Diego over the weekend. This little guy seems to have been well received. For those of you in San Francisco you can come by and nab a toy and a signature at Double Punch this Saturday… 

Toys R N8

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My toy is official. My chimp character has been birthed as a little pile of plastic and vinyl. I will be in San Diego at Comic Con this weekend to release the little bastard and sign ’em, greet peeps and accept free beer. I will be at booth #4737 (if anyone in blog land actually cares). This little bastard also comes with a mini comic that you will not see anywhere else. For those in Minnesota or those too lazy to go I will post again when I have on-line sites to purchase it from. I will also be doing limited signed/arted toys off of my site soon. Until then, enjoy some free lookie…

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I have a new baby blog and I’ve only fed it once. I would make a horrible father. In attempt to save some face I figured it’s time to post a new entry.

As a few select people may know… my first toy will be hitting the shelves in the next couple months. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on that when it happens but until then I thought I’d show some behind the scenes of how a blob of clay can turn into a bank-robbing chimp. I worked closely with the sculptor, Eli Livingston, to make sure this little bad-ass looked his best.

At the top we have how the final toy appears as featured in Inked Magazine, followed by some drawings to aide the sculptor and then the sculpt progress of the toy itself. Enjoy.

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