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ART SALE 2011!!!

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I finally got it all together and running… I think:) It’s a little later than I had hoped to post it but I had to make sure it was all polished and ready. Feel free to pass it around. Just follow this link…

Thanks, everyone! Hope you find something you like.

Art Sale opens Dec. 5th @ 9am PST!

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Just a little head’s-up! Monday morning I am opening up my art sale that I’ve been mentioning for some time. I got the sketchbooks from the printers and they look great! REMEMBER… the only way you can get one of these 15 signed/numbered/custom illustration sketchbooks is by purchasing something from the art sale. It comes free with any one purchase big or small. It’s 40 pages full color and slammed full of goodies. Where else can you find a limited sketchbook like this with Smurfs, a Liger and a whole ton of other cool shit in it? Yeah… here. It’ll be a first come-first served art sale. E-mail me what you want, secure it with me and it’s all yours.

Jurassic Park: Redemption #5 in comic stores now

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The fifth and final issue of my run on Jurassic Park came out today. In usual form I figured I’d post some of the pages from this issue in their black and white glory. I had highs and lows in working on the 110 pages for this comic run. All in all I am glad I did it but am also glad it’s over. Some pages came out better than others but that is just the way it goes. Not everything you do can be a work of art.

People have been asking me if I am going to do another run of comics. I’ve also been asked by people to do runs on other books. I have some possibilities in the works so time will tell if I give it another go anytime soon. I’ll be sure to post anything about future comic art right here along with all of the other crappy things I draw.


Jurassic Park #2 in comic book stores now

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I just got back from the comic book store and saw that the second issue has come out. I’ve gotten some pretty good feedback on the art thus far so I figured I’d share some of the pre-colored pages here from this issue. It’s always great when the book or whatever print project it may be finally comes out in stores because I feel it marks the complete life cycle of the artwork. From thumbnails and drawings on my desk months earlier to the final product.

And, yes, I even got to draw a chimp in this issue.

Click on images to enlarge.

Jurassic Park #1 in stores now

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The first issue of the Jurassic Park comic I am working on through IDW and Universal Studios came out today. It marks the first issue in a five issue run which is being written by long-time comic book editor, Bob Schreck. This title is marking his first venture in writing comics and he is doing a great job!

I felt a little rough around the edges in drawing this first issue but now that I am currently working on illustrating issue #4 I think I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable as you will eventually see.

Here we have the alternate cover to issue #1 by the legendary Frank Miller followed by some of my interior pages. Click on any image to enlarge…

Jurassic Park artist

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The word is out there. I’ve been hiding away and illustrating an upcoming Jurassic Park comic book for IDW Publishing. I’m pretty excited about this. It is being written by comics veteran, Bob Shreck. I’m doing a five issue run on this and it’s going to be quite an adventure seeing as how I have never had a run in comics like this. I’ll be handling the pencils and inks so those of you who can’t get enough of my line-work have a lot to look forward to.

In addition to that news, I will be at WonderCon this coming Friday to speak about the book on a panel alongside Mr. Shreck and the great Thomas Yeates who is handling cover duties.

Here’s the panel info…

Friday, April 2nd

2:30-3:30 Return to Jurassic Park Join the creative team of IDW’s all new monthly series of Jurassic Park,  kicking off in June, for a behind-the-scenes look at the genesis of the project and get a sneak peek at some advance artwork. IDW senior editor Bob Schreck makes his writing debut and is joined by artist Nate Van Dyke and cover artist Tom Yeates, who will all be happy to answer your questions. Room 236/238
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And, lastly, here is a sample of some dino’s I’ve been drawing. Click on the image to view it larger…

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