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Gallery opening Friday December 13th in SF!!!

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Sorry for the late notice on this one but I’ve had some technical difficulties with my computer. In any event… I’m making Friday the 13th all the cooler with a gallery opening! The opening will be at HoodLAB Gallery in SF from 6-10 pm and I’ll be in attendance. I’ve been pushing all other work aside for a good while to focus on this show and I think it was time well spent. Come by and have a drink with me!


Outside Lands Music Festival 2012 in San Francisco

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I’m coming down after a really fun weekend. I was asked back for my second year in a row to be a live painter at the festival. I had a great time last year and was certain to repeat that. I got teamed up with my bud and fellow artist, Sam Flores. We painted together at this event last year and figured it’d be a team-up worth repeating. I didn’t get the greatest photographic proof from the event but I do have some pics worth sharing.

First off, I was asked to repurpose some artwork which ended up getting used as banners on one of the smaller stages. It was great to see one of my old elephants acting as book ends for the bands on stage. Things like this are the the cherries on top which make being an artist all that more enjoyable.

Sam and I were scheduled to paint a mural on Friday (the first day of the event) as well as Saturday. Here is a somewhat cropped look at a mural we did from the first day. I did the painting of the silverback and combined it with his phonograph and resulting music.

As an added bonus I was photographed working on the gorilla and featured on the website of the local SF paper. Another one of those cherries I mentioned…

Then on Saturday we were at it again. Turns out I didn’t really get any great shots of the mural Sam Flores and I did on Saturday at the Outside Lands Music Festival. Sam showed up a bit late so I got the ball rolling on this one. I painted a gorilla head and feathers which he then turned into a head dress for one of his characters. Here’s Sam playing catch-up. He was maddly trying to finish it up so that we could relax and catch the closing act… Metallica!

ART SALE 2011!!!

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I finally got it all together and running… I think:) It’s a little later than I had hoped to post it but I had to make sure it was all polished and ready. Feel free to pass it around. Just follow this link…

Thanks, everyone! Hope you find something you like.

Art Sale opens Dec. 5th @ 9am PST!

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Just a little head’s-up! Monday morning I am opening up my art sale that I’ve been mentioning for some time. I got the sketchbooks from the printers and they look great! REMEMBER… the only way you can get one of these 15 signed/numbered/custom illustration sketchbooks is by purchasing something from the art sale. It comes free with any one purchase big or small. It’s 40 pages full color and slammed full of goodies. Where else can you find a limited sketchbook like this with Smurfs, a Liger and a whole ton of other cool shit in it? Yeah… here. It’ll be a first come-first served art sale. E-mail me what you want, secure it with me and it’s all yours.

Red Bull: Ride + Style

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I’ve spent the past few days locked up in a warehouse near the Giant’s ballpark here in SF working away with a crew of artists, bike riders, contractors, reps, suits and so on. There is a big event going down this Saturday in SF at Justin Herman Plaza. It’s kinda a tough one to explain but I’ll give it a go…

Red Bull decided to put together this event for fixed-gear bike riders. They thought it would be smart to build a track for these guys to carve up for our viewing pleasure. My role along with 3 other artists was to make all of these jumps and banks look less like plywood and look more like art. I’ll tell you what… these things are even bigger than I expected but well worth the challenge. It’s been getting loads of coverage (SF Bay Guardian, Juxtapoz, Oakley, D-Structure, etc.). I took a bunch of crap photos (I think my sniper breathing techniques are rusty) but I’ll try my best to visually explain it.

FIRSTLY… the front and back of the flier so I don’t have to type all of it out…

Here is a computer mock-up of one of the set-ups I was given. Simple and unassuming (right?)…

I decided to paint it to resemble a deck of cards. Kinda like King Kong playing a game of 52 pick up with San Francisco. First off… I had to design some cards which I would later blow up and wheat paste onto the boards. The size ratio I was working with was longer than that of a regular playing card so I had to stretch it a bit to fit the 4’x8′ pieces of plywood.

Ace of Spades (yes, I know this card doesn’t have a graphic, so deal with it)…




Here we have me playing with some of the wheat pastes. This pic was taken by Caitlin Donohue of the SFBG.

Here are some more pics of me working away on the deck of cards as well as another one. Pics by Juxtapoz’ Randy Dodson…

Followed by some of my crappy cell phone pics…

LAST BUT NOT LEAST… they made a teaser video of the whole thing in the works. WATCH THE VID!

I’m heading to Orlando, Florida!

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I’m really excited about this art show I am taking part in all the way over in Orlando at the Cameo Theater in Downtown. I’m one of 20-something artists who will be participating in this event. Each artist will be doing a 7’x7′ wall/mural and each artist will also be displaying other original art which will be for sale. This event is so damn big that it will have two opening nights. There is a lot of buzz around this event. I will only be in attendance for the opening night on Friday and will miss Saturday night. I’ll be more than happy to do sketches and talk shop so come on by if you are anywhere near it. All the info is on the flier below. I hope to see ya there!

JUXTAPOZ Magazine ad

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I recently did this piece as a double-page ad for Upper Playground and it is currently running in the very back of the April 2009 issue of JUXTAPOZ Magazine. Pieces like this are above and beyond the must fun for me because I get a chance to draw whatever the hell I want. I’m judge, jury and executioner and that’s the way I like it.


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