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I’ll be doing that live painting stuff for the third year at Outside Lands Music Festival here in SF while I secretly freak out inside. I’ve painted over the course of two days in the past but will only be painting on Friday the 9th this year. If you are going to it already come by and say hey (make mine a Heineken:). All of the info is right here…


P.S. I’m kinda opening for Paul McCartney. So… yeah… I’m the 5th Beatle. Sorry, Yoko…






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I’ll be doing live painting this Friday the 28th in SF. Should be a great night of music and art. Come by and say hey or just watch me paint a giant owl. Get all of the info right here…


9/18/10 Live painting, sketching, signing, print etc. SF! 1pm-?

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Crap. I had no idea what to title this post so I decided to make it as ugly as I could. So, the short of it is this…

This Saturday I will be hanging with my buds at Zero Friends at their 2-month pop-up-shop in SF. It’s located right by Upper Playground. I’ll be there with my little buddy, Alex Pardee. We are going to collaborate on a painting in the store for all to see. I will also be signing people’s foreheads and doing sketches.

As if that wasn’t lame enough I am also going to be releasing a limited signed/numbered print of my piece, Hamburger Hill. I was at the shop yesterday to approve the piece (monocle and all) and it looks great. They will be limited to 50 and selling for $50 so I’m sure they will move pretty fast. So come by and say hey. The fun starts at 1pm and ends when I get cranky and leave.

The prints are 17″ x 22″ Printed with Archival Inks on Acid Free Velvet Cotton Rag.

248 FILLMORE ST (@Haight St)

If you can’t make it to the shindig or are in prison you can buy the signed/numbered “Hamburger Hill” print on-line right HERE!

This is a pre-signed shot but ya get the idea…

As an added bonus I figured I’d show a pic of Alex and I (another rare pic of me minus my beer prop) from our Sparks Tour a while back at the Spawn/Todd McFarlane headquarters in AZ.

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