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Gallery opening Friday December 13th in SF!!!

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Sorry for the late notice on this one but I’ve had some technical difficulties with my computer. In any event… I’m making Friday the 13th all the cooler with a gallery opening! The opening will be at HoodLAB Gallery in SF from 6-10 pm and I’ll be in attendance. I’ve been pushing all other work aside for a good while to focus on this show and I think it was time well spent. Come by and have a drink with me!


Outside Lands mural

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I had a lot of fun getting messy last Friday while painting a live mural at Outside Lands. I got to collaborate with my buddy, Sam Flores, for our third year in a row at this music festival. The final mural size is 8’x20′. A big thanks to all who came out and said hey. I had a great time seeing some familiar faces and meeting new ones.

Portrait photo by Jeben Berg.



Outside Lands Music Festival 2012 in San Francisco

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I’m coming down after a really fun weekend. I was asked back for my second year in a row to be a live painter at the festival. I had a great time last year and was certain to repeat that. I got teamed up with my bud and fellow artist, Sam Flores. We painted together at this event last year and figured it’d be a team-up worth repeating. I didn’t get the greatest photographic proof from the event but I do have some pics worth sharing.

First off, I was asked to repurpose some artwork which ended up getting used as banners on one of the smaller stages. It was great to see one of my old elephants acting as book ends for the bands on stage. Things like this are the the cherries on top which make being an artist all that more enjoyable.

Sam and I were scheduled to paint a mural on Friday (the first day of the event) as well as Saturday. Here is a somewhat cropped look at a mural we did from the first day. I did the painting of the silverback and combined it with his phonograph and resulting music.

As an added bonus I was photographed working on the gorilla and featured on the website of the local SF paper. Another one of those cherries I mentioned…

Then on Saturday we were at it again. Turns out I didn’t really get any great shots of the mural Sam Flores and I did on Saturday at the Outside Lands Music Festival. Sam showed up a bit late so I got the ball rolling on this one. I painted a gorilla head and feathers which he then turned into a head dress for one of his characters. Here’s Sam playing catch-up. He was maddly trying to finish it up so that we could relax and catch the closing act… Metallica!

Outside Lands Music Festival

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It’s been a long weekend. I was hired along with a handful of other artist friends to do live painting for JUXTAPOZ at this 3-day music festival. I ended up painting with my buddy, Sam Flores on a couple murals. We ended up working on Friday and Sunday (resting on Saturday).

We got there before it all opened on Friday so we could set up and get a feel for it before all the crowd got there. We were set up on the Polo Grounds in Golden Gate Park here in SF. It was your typical festival with big crowds, constant music, more port-o-potties than I’ve ever seen in my life, $9 beers and so on.

We had a wall set up near these huge windmills which made for a pretty cool entrance.


The walls we were painting on were laid out in a triangle shape with artists on each side and each wall measured 8’x24′


The day before I decided I’d do a drawing, take it to Kinko’s to blow it up, wheat paste it and then just paint over it. I knew it would be hot and crowded so I didn’t want to have to think too hard there and rather have fun. I ended up doing a drawing of an orangutan hunched over and drawing on the ground.


I pasted it up and made Sam sweat a bit because by posting up the drawing I had instant results and he got to play catch up. The idea I came up with was this orangutan is drawing a bunch of chicken scratch but what he sees in his head is beautiful (Sam handled what he saw in his head). Here we are getting it going.


I didn’t get as many progress shots as I’d like because it was so easy to get caught up working and talking to people. SF Gate did, however. They are the local newspaper website for the SF Chronicle and they got a progress shot of it when they were covering the festival.


Here it is pretty much wrapped up…


Now for the finishing touch…


We almost always had a decent crowd around us hanging out and watching the progress..


On Sunday Sam and I returned and collaborated on a whole new wall. I stuck with what worked and made another orangutan poster. I stuck with the orangutan because people seemed to dig it and… because I had plenty of orange paint left from Friday. I didn’t get any progress shots on this one. We’ll fast forward to the end result…


Sam did a girl with a dragon head dress behind it.


Here was our view of the main stage.



More. People.

NY Deus Ex show

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NY was a lot of fun but I am glad to be back in the comfort of SF. I figured I’d show some pics from the event. The art show was at the Wooster Street Social Club where they shoot the TLC show, NY Ink.

FIRST OFF… here is the piece I did in all it’s glory. You can bid on a print of it right HERE!

First night in NY we went bar hopping since the show was the following night. We found a good dive-ish bar with a pool table in the back. I thought log cabin planking was a good idea. I was face deep in Sam’s ass so this pic couldn’t be taken quickly enough

Let the show begin…

Here’s a model of the arm they had on display. A really nice piece.

Gettin’ crowded…

Sam Flores, Estevan Oriol and I…

Here we have Alex and Justin making up team 3rasseire standing in front of their print (these were two of the other guys in the log cabin planking)…


One of the mad scientists behind the game…

I’m convinced that this guy in the blue shirt is a pro athlete but I couldn’t place him…

My old friend, Matt Maguire drove down from Mass to come and hang out for the night and following day…

Also, I was excited to see my friend Sean Murphy. I had a great time shooting the shit with these two friends/artists…

Talkin’ shop and sketching in books…

Megan Massacre of the show NY Ink had just finished a awesome hippo tattoo and was taking a break…

Hanging out in the tattoo area away from the art show crowd…

Hanging with Sam and drinking for two. We are making our artist “photo face” as we were calling it all night when doing press pics and whatnot…

After the show a group of us went for dinner and drinks. Putting drunk artists around a chalkboard can be a bad idea. Here I realize Sam is drawing something for me and I go in to investigate…

I then realize he was drawing Dutch and I accept my defeat…

On Saturday we had a double date with Estevan and his lady (Angel) to this awesome Itallian spot in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. That’s the owner on the right hanging out with us. Not pictured is my date… taking the pic…

The food was amazing and filling. I didn’t even eat dinner that night I was so full.

He took us into the back and the kitchen and gave us a mini tour. Two masters of their craft…

I got pretty close to the Statue of Liberty… if you don’t count all of the water in between…

I only left one art bomb in my hotel room and it was a small one. The bathroom was covered in this wallpaper with quirky little drawings so I decided to make a subtle addition. Good night NY!

I’m coming to New York!

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I’ve had a lot of people ask me if I’ll ever have a show in NY. Well, the time has finally come. I’ll only have one big ol’ piece in it but it’ll be fun. It’s a group art show with some of the top talents all coming together under one roof. It will be held at the Wooster Social Club which is where they film the TLC show: NY INK. All of the artwork is based off of the video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. You can find the info below as well as an early sneak peek of the piece I did for it. If you are in the area swing by. I will be in attendance and I’m more than happy to talk it up over beers and do sketches. Hope to see ya there!


Roland Sands/Toyota mural

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I am way behind on this blogging thing but figured I’d try my best to catch things up to speed.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to go down to Long Beach with a select handful of other artists and paint murals for a motorcycle/truck show that Toyota was putting on. The idea was to do murals involving the bikes that Roland Sands and his crafty team have created. The murals were also done in association with my friends at Upper Playground. The bike I got to work off of is called “The Glory Stomper”. It’s actually the bike that re recently won the tv show “Biker Build-Off” with. The idea was a chimp in the shop building the bike and this is how it went down…

Here are the tour dates. Don’t be too lazy to go if this comes to your city…

The sketch portion of the show.

Let the real piece begin.

Spray paint is a head mess if you don’t wear gear.

This wall is actually ten feet high. I’m THAT tall.

The sketches the chimp does of the bike. It’s fun to draw like ass.

We painted in a hangar. This was our back yard view.

My buddy Sam Flores making his wall all rainbowish and pretty.

My buddy Saber killing his wall as usual.

By the end of it I had no choice but to stab Roland Sands. Sorry.

Estevan Oriol taking pics and making my mural look better thanks to a model and a bike.

The end result doesn’t suck.

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