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Live Drawing this Sunday in SF!

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Live Drawing this Sunday in SF!

“My Pencil Has More Flavor Than Yours”. I’ll be doing some live drawing this Sunday from 2pm ’til the MF’er is done at HoodLAB Gallery in SF (1669 Haight St. @ Cole). You can also see my art show before it comes down. Swing by if you’re free.

Sketch Tuesday

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I’ll be out in SF tomorrow night doing some live sketching at 111 Minna and selling them for cheap. All of the info is right here…



Gallery opening @ 111 Minna, SF, 3/1/13

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Gallery opening @ 111 Minna, SF, 3/1/13

It’s been a good, long while since I have had a showing in the city I call home… San Francisco. I’ve teamed-up with buddy and amazing illustrator, Jon Way$hak, to put together a two-man show and the results make for a memorable exhibit. I will be in attendance for the opening this Friday and I invite one and all to come on out for some twisted culture. Looking forward to meeting some new faces and seeing some old friends. 21+.


Anne Hathaway has taken it upon herself to flash the world a little sneak peek of one of the pieces from my show at 111 Minna which opens this Friday.



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I came across these files the other day and got a little misty-eyed. The reason for that is because I did these Transformer t-shirt graphics and they never got used… which makes no sense to me. I was asked to make transformers out of a double-decker bus from England and the San Francisco bus (MUNI). I did these graphics three years ago and I think they still hold up today. I have a buddy who is working on set on the current film (as well as having done the other two) and I know he would have probably been living in the shirts during filming. I even put his initials on the MUNI license plate. Both would have been huge sellers. Let me know what YOU think…

CORRECTION: I found out that these shirts DID get made but in a really small print run. They flew out the door in no time. I was told that there is a possibility that they may get reprinted. I’ll be sure to keep posted on this.

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