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Happy New Years, party people! Here’s hoping you gobble the year UP!


Live Drawing this Sunday in SF!

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Live Drawing this Sunday in SF!

“My Pencil Has More Flavor Than Yours”. I’ll be doing some live drawing this Sunday from 2pm ’til the MF’er is done at HoodLAB Gallery in SF (1669 Haight St. @ Cole). You can also see my art show before it comes down. Swing by if you’re free.

Moleskine and Bone

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I was asked to be some work for a Moleskine Sketchbook gallery show so I decided to do a mole… skull. I’ve got the early and final stages of the piece.

First up is the pencil sketch…



Aaaand POOF! Here it is all finished up. Used a variety of mediums for this one. The final size is roughly 8″x10″.




The Evolution of a Color Piece

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I decided with this mixed media piece that I’d take some evolution scans of it since people are always curious about how I go about an illustration like this. Enjoy the show…

Here’s the first stage… thumbnails until I find something I like…




Next up are the pencils after deciding on the sketch I like. This is being done in a 8″x10″ Moleskine sketchbook…








Here we have an ink/marker wash to lay down the foundation colors…




After that I lay in some quick inks and muddy up the colors a bit more…




Now for the fun part… finishing it. For the paint-over I use acrylic, gouache, color pencil, spray paint and paint pens…


Live Sketching in SF, 9/25/13

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It’s that time again when I venture out to do some live sketching at one of my favorite spots in San Francisco… 111 Minna. I will be there with some other fellow artists doing live sketching and selling ’em cheeep. It goes from 6-10pm and is 21+. It’s generally on Tuesday but they switched it up this time around and made it Wednesday. It’s a lot to process… I know. All of the info can be found right here…


Dental Demon

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I came across an old x-ray of my teeth and decided to make a creature study from it… earrings and all. A lot of times people ask me what inspires me and I end up telling them that I can be inspired by anything and everything and I think this is a good example of that.



Just sketchin’ around…

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Here’s a fun sketch I just finished up. This one is titled “Fair Catch” and is 9″x12″ ink on Bristol board. I wanted to go with a very elegant, vintage, natural look with this piece. It was also nice to take a break from people telling me what to draw and simply drawing because I love it which is why I went with this career path to begin with. Sometimes drawings like this remind you why you do it.





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