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H.R. Giger tribute piece

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I, as many artists, were very shocked and saddened by the sudden and unexpected passing of H.R. Giger. Saying he had a huge influence on me and my work is an understatement. I knew that I had to do a piece to honor him and his work so I put pencil to paper and started scribbling. I drew this piece in elements and pieced it together in photoshop. The title of the piece is “Honor. Respect. Giger” and it is 18″x18″. It have gotten great reviews on my Facebook(/N8vandyke) and Instagram (@69N8vandyke) and I will likely be making a limited edition print run of it in the near future. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.



7″x7″ skull studies

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I was asked to be in a gallery show a little while back and the theme of the show is “Less Is More” with the idea that all of the pieces had to be 12″x12″ or smaller. I thought it’d be a fun excuse to do small skull studies in a variety of mediums. The end result makes for a great collection. The opening is tonight (sorry for the late notice) at 111 Minna in San Francisco and I will be in attendance to support my one dozen dead buddies.












CHINA MARKER7'x7'_Skull_Study_China_Mar


























Valentine’s Day

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This year I thought I’d do a drawing specifically to honor/dishonor the day so many of us begrudgingly participate in in one form or another. Here’s a piece titled “SELF-LOVE”. I drew the left half and then flipped it in Photoshop because this would have been a real bitch to draw twice.

Click to enlarge…



Moleskine and Bone

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I was asked to be some work for a Moleskine Sketchbook gallery show so I decided to do a mole… skull. I’ve got the early and final stages of the piece.

First up is the pencil sketch…



Aaaand POOF! Here it is all finished up. Used a variety of mediums for this one. The final size is roughly 8″x10″.




Graveside Trauma band artwork

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I was recently given the okay to showcase some artwork I did late last year and earlier this year for the band, Graveside Trauma. They gave me a bit of art direction but ultimately just me me go wild with it. I did a cover treatment as well as a 3-way gatefold piece for the interior of the cd and a shirt. Here they are…

The album cover…




Here is the gatefold illustration for the interior of the cd (click to enlarge)…




This next one is the shirt design I did for them… 




And as an added bonus I thought I’d show some of the sketches I did leading up to these illustrations…





James Hetfield

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I’ve always been a huge fan of James Hetfield and the rest of Metallica. The first time I heard them in grade school was like an awakening and I never turned back after that. Countless drawings of mine have been brought to life as Metallica played on in the background. I truly don’t think my art would be what it is without them. That being said I decided to “kill” one of my idols. This piece is titled “James Deadfield” and is 11″x14″ ink on Bristol board.



UPDATE: I went to an event with the band last night and even made it into their Twitter feed. When standing out pays off…


Pencil Pushing

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a pencil study so I thought I’d sharpen my skills and do one. This piece is titled “Splitting Headache” and is done with a 2H pencil on 9″x12″ Bristol board. I get asked on a nearly daily basis about what pen tools I use so I like doing something as basic as this (one pencil… one piece of paper) to help show that it isn’t always the tools behind the artist but rather the artist behind the tools.



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