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Star Wars/Samurai commission

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Here is a Star Wars/Samurai commission I just finished up. I didn’t have a whole lot of creative freedom on this one as the client really knew what he wanted down to all of the poses. I tried not to over-detail it because this is somehow going to turn into a tattoo. My apologies in advance to said tattoo artist…

As an added bonus I’ve also decided I’ll show the sketches leading up to the final art so you can see the sometimes-headache that is the world of revisions.

Here’s the initial thumbnail that I did in my sketchbook. I generally never show these as this is just something I use to get the “art conversation” going for myself. I showed it to the client in order to get his take on the direction and as you will see it changes… drastically… according to what he wants.


This is my first actual full-size sketch. I don’t mess around sketching in pencil too often but thought it’d help me keep it pretty loose. I was wrong in that assumption. I also decided to draw it on shitty paper for some reason which is why it’s all wavy. That AND I had to Frankenstein some extra paper onto the bottom.


With this next revision you’ll see a dive in detail. From this point forward I’d sketch out the meat and erase/photoshop extra bits for the future revisions. I’m no fan of multiple revisions so I decided to ease up a bit.




And here we have the end result. All inked up and colorblind friendly…


DMV meets Star Wars

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I went to the DMV yesterday to renew my license and while waiting I decided to draw a DMV/Star Wars Cantina mash-up as that is often what it seems like there. I used a Fine Sharpie pen for this sketchbook drawing. I was thinking of coloring it but decided it looks just fine in its raw form. Click on the image to enlarge.



Burlesque art show in SF April 2nd

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I while back I was asked to participate in a burlesque show at a new gallery which will be opening for the first time with this flagship show. The gallery is called Artifact Gallery and they put together a great group show which is set to coincide with the comic book convention in town this weekend, Wonder Con. I decided to put the two together in a way and do a Star Wars themed piece.

Show Flier…

My piece for the show…

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