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ART SALE 2011!!!

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I finally got it all together and running… I think:) It’s a little later than I had hoped to post it but I had to make sure it was all polished and ready. Feel free to pass it around. Just follow this link…

Thanks, everyone! Hope you find something you like.

Art Sale opens Dec. 5th @ 9am PST!

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Just a little head’s-up! Monday morning I am opening up my art sale that I’ve been mentioning for some time. I got the sketchbooks from the printers and they look great! REMEMBER… the only way you can get one of these 15 signed/numbered/custom illustration sketchbooks is by purchasing something from the art sale. It comes free with any one purchase big or small. It’s 40 pages full color and slammed full of goodies. Where else can you find a limited sketchbook like this with Smurfs, a Liger and a whole ton of other cool shit in it? Yeah… here. It’ll be a first come-first served art sale. E-mail me what you want, secure it with me and it’s all yours.

Unused B.o.B album art

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A little while back I received an email from the art director over at Atlantic Records. He had spotted some of my work and thought I would be a great match for the album art of this artist he was working with. After a lot of back and fourth e-mails we started to get a direction down. He wanted the album to be a three-fold piece with the main cover being the center image. We thought it would be great to incorporate B.o.B into the illustrations. They worked with a photographer and took a mess of photos of him in various positions and doing various activities. I picked a few of the photos I liked and got to work on it.

(Click on the images to view larger)

Here we have the illustration with rough divides to show how the album would break up. The original art measures 11″x33″. I drew it a little smaller than a 12″ record scale but scanned it at a higher dpi. I drew it smaller so that it would be easier to scan. I’m a thinker like that. HA!

And here is the artwork with the photos placed over it. I tried to incorporate the photos into the art in a really fun way and give it a lot of pop. Minus the title treatment, this is what the final album art would have looked like.

And… without getting into too many ugly details this below image is the album art that is going to be seeing print and is being released 4/27/10. The art director and all of the guys at Atlantic Records love what I created but there was an unfortunate turn of events at the last minute. I’m really bummed that this project fell through as the exposure on this would have been great and it was an overall pleasure working on this piece with the guys. This art will be joining the unused Jay Z album art. Sigh…

Jay Z album art

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Often times art is produced but never used or seen. This is one of those unfortunate cases…

I was asked by the guys at Island Def Jam Records to art what would have been one of my bigger gigs to date. Jay Z picked my art over two other big time artists to tackle the illustrations for what was going to be his greatest hits album. The title of it was to be EVOLUTION and was to encompass images of him from his current success all the way back to his early roots. The album art was going to be a four-gatefold piece collaging together various portraits and locations of where he grew up and so on. It was a big project but I was up for it even though my day job sucks 11 hours out of my day I was focused on putting some good pieces out and FAST. I did a large body of work and it was shown to Jay Z as a work in progress and he loved it. Everything was going great… or so I thought. Long story short the project got shelved due to legal complications among the record company and the use of the music. Sadly, my role on the project was also haulted along with some of the great pieces produced. Here, for the first time, is some of that work I did…

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