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ART SALE 2011!!!

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I finally got it all together and running… I think:) It’s a little later than I had hoped to post it but I had to make sure it was all polished and ready. Feel free to pass it around. Just follow this link…

Thanks, everyone! Hope you find something you like.

BLURB Storytelling Series: “Dutch”

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As some of you probably know, a while back I made a 58 page book featuring my chimp character, Dutch. I made it with the print on demand company, Blurb. Well, late last year they asked my girlfriend (who works at Blurb and helped me make my book) if she thought I’d be interested in them doing a feature video on me and my book. After a meeting over drinks I agreed and we set up some dates. A couple guys came to my place and filmed me for two days. They caught me drawing as well as going through my regular routines of playing pool, walking around SF, etc. Turned into a pretty cool video. They did a truly great job editing it together and making me look a bit less stupid than I really am.

If you don’t have my book or wasn’t aware of it you can preview/purchase it right HERE!

Now for the video. Click on the still frame below to view it…

And, yes, it’s true. I live in a salmon-colored house…

And, AND… The late miss Hambone makes a cameo at the 1:09 mark.


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Earlier in February I had the opening for my two-man art show at Double Punch in SF. The artwork is now online and what hasn’t sold is up for purchase.



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I took 2009 off for the most part from doing gallery shows so I figured I should start 2010 with a two-man show. My buddy, Jeremy Forson, and I are kicking off February with an art show at Double Punch here in San Francisco. It’s my first SF show since 2007 and I think it is going to be a fun one. Swing by and check out some of my latest art crap on February 6th. I’ll be in attendance and most likely hiding behind a beer as best I can.

Here is a quick video thanks to Delicious Drips from the opening night!

There’s a new toy in town… well, almost.

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Here we are with another update. I just figured I’d help leak the word that I have a new chimp toy in the works! This one has been a long time coming. There were a lot of hang-ups in it’s production but it’s coming together and looking great. I’m currently doing a bunch of artwork for the box and figured I might as well tease you with a shot of the toy and the turn-arounds I did for the sculptor. I’ll keep you guys updated on this one in future posts. Until then… enjoy an early look.



Toy signing in San Francisco

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Thanks to all of you who came out to my signing in San Diego over the weekend. This little guy seems to have been well received. For those of you in San Francisco you can come by and nab a toy and a signature at Double Punch this Saturday… 

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